World Trade Organization (WTO)

First Issue: 

Technology and trade have propelled/moved the global economy however, a disruption remains. (job opportunities)

Technology affects labour markets. It is improving productivity and increasing the economy by enabling further innovation. Technology has a great impact in benefiting the economy, however, it has its disadvantages. Workers and/or specific regions are affected unintentionally in this technological advancement. There has been a decline in manufacturing jobs due to the disruptive impact of technology causing firm conclusions to be made that “technology may have an even greater impact on the future of jobs”. As the delegates of this council, it will be your job to provide a solution for citizens who must adapt to these technological changes and rising living standards.

Second Issue:

Discussing the US-China Trade War.

China sells its goods to the United States at a much higher price. Donald Trump said he would add tariffs to help benefit the economy of his country allowing citizens to buy locally rather than internationally. He will add 25% tariffs that will only affect some ships but could be disastrous for individual companies that rely on the US market for survival. China imports goods such as steel and aluminum to the US at an illegal price. As the delegates of this council, it is your job to find a solution in which will benefit both economies rather than just one.


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