Welcome to BayMUN XI


Every school has a precious event that they pride themselves in. For Bahrain Bayan School, that event is the Bayan Model United Nations conference (BayMUN). Our continued excellence in the organization of this conference year after year has made us one of the most successful and most prominent Model United Nations (MUN) conferences hosts on the Island. It is this display of excellence that has also propelled us to become the first conference in the country to be accredited by The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) and therefore recognized internationally as abiding to the global rules and regulations of MUN conferences. We are also only the 6th country in the region to have received such an honor.

BayMUN has attracted students from different schools from around the nation for the past several years. The Bahrain Bayan School selects a group of highly devoted students to both organize and participate in this annual event and never fails to reach and surpass the heights it sets year after year since its creation in 2009. As of last year, the conference will not only attract national students, but also be recognized internationally, aiming to make the conference an even more comprehensive learning experience to students and participants. Model United Nations conferences are essentially a simulation of the actual United Nations, bringing together students from different backgrounds and opinions to debate worldwide issues over the course of two days. Students are expected to keep a diplomatic front and to speak eloquently and professionally in front of other students, debating controversial issues whilst providing solutions to them. Students develop excellent public speaking skills, and learn how to negotiate diplomatically in an intellectual and social environment that enables them to shine. At the end of the two-day conference, a concluding dinner is held with the participation of ministers, ambassadors, and highly valued community members to debate and present the resolutions the participants concluded and agreed upon.

Each year students aim to develop this conference even further, setting new objectives and goals for the success of the conference. The Bayan Model United Nations 2013 was a new milestone for the BayMUN conference as it was the sixth annual conference that opened new doors and opportunities for the conference. In that year, The Hague Model United Nations Foundation (THIMUN) affiliated BayMUN with its program, not just to maintain its local standards, but also to make the event a conference of international caliber and recognition. Bahrain Bayan School students invested their time and effort to turn this conference from a local event to an event with a global outreach. This year’s 11th Bayan Model United Nations conference (BayMUN XI) is expected to involve participation from several international schools with the sole purpose of constant development, BayMUN organizers aim to raise the bars even further, by creating a conference of higher quality and superiority. In addition, our hopes for the event will not stop there and Bayan School students who are involved in this year’s conference are also preparing for the conferences in the years to follow, ensuring to develop a steady and sustainable growth, one that can build a household name as an event of great expectations. These are all small steps into building a global event, one that will assure recognizing the Kingdom of Bahrain on the global hierarchy for development, all through the efforts of the Bahrain Bayan School community, its staff and its devoted and dedicated student body.

Kind regards, BayMUN XI Team