First Issue: 

Ensuring children safety in the digital age regarding cyber-bullying, stalking and privacy invasions.

There is a struggle among the new generations to prevent cyber-bullying, which has reached an extreme where both the victim’s mental and physical health is a concern. As people are entitled to privacy against third party invasions, the rules and regulations must protect these human rights . The current legal frameworks governing the issue, including criminal law and international law need to be updated, alongside the creation of an actionable civil framework to assist in managing the issue. The UN Human Rights Committee (UNHCR) must address this issue to ensure the safety of not only children, but people in general.


Second Issue:

Reaching an agreement with the Venezuelan government in response to the multiple human rights violations.

Thousands in Venezuela participated in marches and public demonstrations to protest the policies of the government. As a result, violent clashes broke out between government security forces and protesters which lead to the growth of arrests. Human Rights Watch received reports of serious human rights violations, including abuses committed during government operations aimed at containing protest activity, as well as in the treatment of people detained at or near protests. As the Venezuelan Government attains the upmost power to overrule rules and regulations, the UN Human Rights Committee must create resolutions that secure the basic human rights of the people.


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