First Issue: 

Combating food shortages and excessive waste of food worldwide.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), one third of the food produced worldwide is thrown away bringing up the topic of food waste. Excess waste leads to food shortages, as 800 million people around the world don’t have enough food. Therefore, this council will discuss ways to prevent excess food waste in order to combat food shortages across the globe.


Second Issue:

Restoring the Niger Delta region’s environment and providing clean water for the residents.

The Niger Delta region had suffered over five decades of oil spills severely impacting the state of its ecosystem as it affects both living and non-living things. The soil has been stripped of most of its nutrients as residents now find it hard to grow crops and the oil seeped into boreholes which affected the underground water supply. So now, they can’t rely on their soil for food, and they can’t even use the river as a possible source as it has become severely polluted which affected the fish population. Therefore, it is the council’s duty to discuss solutions to restore the environment and the water supply for the people living in the region.


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