Special Political and Decolonization (Specpol)

First Issue: 

Tackle the explosive remnants of war (ERW) contamination embedded beneath soil in Colombia.

The levels of explosive remnants of war (ERW) and mine contamination in Colombia has been rising for many years. Most data indicate that the cause of the rising contamination are Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that have been planted in schools, specific beneficial trade routes,etc. Thus, threatening many communities and forcing them to give up their natural resources and land and this also helps protect any illegal operations that are in process. The FARC are a Colombian rebel group who have been suspected to plant most of the mines and IEDs. Additionally, the ELN an illegal armed group manufacture and place IEDs. The delegates have to collaborate and figure out a way to stop the contamination as well as combat the illegal forces.


Second Issue:

Address the Palestinian refugee crises in the near east.

The main source of the palestinian refugee issue is the downfall of the arab state system and the rise of militant Islam. This ongoing crisis started in the year 1948 in which it has come a long way and still haven’t been dealt with efficiently. United Nations Relief and Works Agency  (UNRWA) has been formed primarily to deal with this refugee issue. However, this agency was created during 1949 and have still not found a solution to this vital crisis. Many believe the UNRWA benefit from the refugees and in doing so they are exacerbating the problem. The members of the committee are required to communicate and find a concise resolution the palestinian crisis as well as try to further efficientize the UNRWA


For any inquiries regarding this council, please feel free to contact the chairs at specpol@bayanmun.com