Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

First Issue: 

Eliminating migration related xenophobia, violence and racism.

Many politicians around the world blame migrants, refugees and others viewed as foreign for political, social and economic issues that their countries suffer from regardless if they have something to do with that issue or not. Instead of providing methods to resolve these issues by working together as a community, they immediately place the blame on those who are different. Using their degrading speeches, they severely accuse migrants and manipulate public opinion. Xenophobic, racist, and other forms of biased violence against migrants and refugees has escalated recently due to many reasons such as, the denial of basic individual rights that discrimination against migrants achieves, and if taken to certain extent may even lead to genocide therefore greatly destroying lives and communities.


Second Issue:

Increasing the Role and priority of initial inhabitants within the government.

States and indigenous people often have a shaky relationship and that amount of indigenous people is very fluctuant. Many indigenous groups want to be more involved with the country as a whole. Since the 1500s and throughout the 1900s many nationalists who violently outcasted and pushed away other inhabitants out of their homeland disregarded of their rights.  The effects devastated many groups. Many inhabitants became extinct, whereas others became slaves and were pushed into extreme poverty. Not until the 1960s did the indigenous people finally regained their rights more specifically their legal and political rights.  However, this issue is far from being stable and must be taken severely.


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