Organization of American States (OAS)

First Issue: 

Reintegrating Cuba into the inter-American system

Cuba remains to be the only country in the Western Hemisphere that is not a member of the OAS, creating a line of division between member states and contributing in the spread of tension between signatory nations. With great influence from the United States, the OAS suspended Cuba in 1962 on the basis that its self-proclaimed Marxist-Leninist state did not comply and was “incompatible with the principles and objectives of the inter-American system.” Amidst the votes in favor of the rule and abstinations, Cuba was the only vote against. Cuba’s state of hesitance is driven by the complications and challenges that arise from the application of the inter-American democratic charter, regardless of its ban from joining the OAS nations. Delegates of the council must compromise and find possible methods that work to reintegrate Cuba into the OAS and under the inter-american system in which such ideological divisions among members has hindered its initial purpose of promoting democratic principles.


Second Issue:

The ongoing political and economic crisis facing Venezuela

Venezuela is on the brink of political and economic disaster, the OAS failing to act in accordance to its core mandate that involves the protection of democracy. The political divisions within the OAS has prevented it from acting with urgency and efficiency in putting and end to Venezuela’s corrupt system. Under the former president Hugo Chavez and the current president Nicolas Maduro, emerges the deterioration of human rights in Venezuela. The delegates of the council must work to prevent further damage in Venezuela which continues to slip closer towards political and economic turmoil, placing forth a political will within the region and the OAS alike in addressing the issue the country faces.


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