North Atlantic (NATO)

First Issue: 

Enhancing the NATO cyber defense capacity and capability when countering cyber threats and attacks.

Cyber threats and it’s subsequent attacks are coming to a gradual widespread, its effects and the damage it places upon societies more common in occurance than ever. The NATO alliance is faced with complex threats that are emerging with time, bringing forth several negative tolls on both the public and private sectors. State and non-state actors use these attacks for purposes in various fields as all of that of the military as well as personal use and illegal maneuvers such as bribes. NATO and its allies rely heavily on the secure delivery of classified information through resilient cyber defenses that fulfil the alliance’s tasks and missions of safeguarding. Henceforth, the council seeks to amplify the resilience and reliability of confidential material and information shared within a nation and internationally to allies. The delegates must work together to see through the implementation and practice of the opportune accreditation of various kinds of devices and programed systems in the cyberspace so that the true purpose of the NATO allies is fulfilled.


Second Issue:

Projecting stability within NATO through countering terrorism to present a peaceful front.

The NATO alliance has been working to project the image of prosperity and peace to civilians through countering acts of terrorism. In order for such to occur, a potential strategy is that locals are to be trained in presenting the illusion of a safe front within the nation which consequently stabilizes their own countries first and foremost. The delegations must act at once rather than resort to the NATO deploying a large sum of combat military groups to fight terrorism in larger organized and trained groups which plummets the chances of a desirable result in a short period of time. Past efforts of the NATO alliance include that of the formal training of military agents and soldiers mission in Iraq. Stoltenberg stated to the media in compliance to Iraq’s government’s request “Establishing a mission will make the current training efforts more sustainable. It will benefit from better resourcing and a well-established process.” With sustainability comes the trust of civilians in the government’s actions towards combating terrorism and acts of violence. In time, and through the aid of sustainable practices, trainers will begin to help in building defense education programs such as defense schools and defense academies. Time is scarce, the delegates must thus join to tackle terrorism which would in turn result in the projection of a sound and secure society within nations where peace prevails accordingly.


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