First Issue: 

Strengthening China’s investment in sustainable energy and its efforts in fighting climate change.

According to a World Bank report, China has been investmenting in and installing more renewable energy than any other country in the past few years. Furthermore, Yao Zhao (a renewable energy expert from the World Bank) has stated that “as the GDP growth, as well as power demand, decelerates, it is critical to shift the mindset from installing more megawatts to actually delivering clean energy to consumers”.  In addition to that, Zhao has also clarified that if China were to follow the example of successful European and North American countries by deploying more renewable energy, they will start to notice a decrease in the price of the power. Hence, this demonstrates the various possible future successes China could have if they were to invest in renewable energy. Therefore, this council will debate resolutions in regards to Strengthening China’s investment in sustainable energy and aiding its efforts in fighting climate change.


Second Issue:

Improving China’s public health care to better support the population.

With the growing of China’s economy, it has become more difficult for Chinese families to afford the necessary health care benefits. However, the upper class families have demonstrated that their extreme wealth makes it easier for their to get access to proper healthcare. Medical care is just one manifestation of China’s wide wealth disparity. A new generation of affluent Chinese can seek help at private hospitals or go abroad, even as the rest endure long waits and find their treatment falling short. Therefore, the focus of this council will be on determining way to improve China’s public health care system to better support the population.


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