First Issue: 

Deciding on whether a hard or soft Brexit would be the most beneficial for the EU.

After the snap election instigated by Theresa May (the current British prime minister), the conservative party lost the majority in the British parliament causing a stalemate between May’s party and the liberal party. This is a problem when it comes to decisions about Brexit as each side has an argument about which type of Brexit would be the most beneficial for the UK. It is especially important to consider which decision would be the most beneficial for the EU itself as this decision has a large impact of its future and the future of its members.


Second Issue:

Establishing regulations for the use of unmanned aircrafts (drones).

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, have been a cause of concern for aviation authorities and experts, following several reported incidents of drones coming within close range of people, high-profile buildings, events, and even several aircrafts. Due to these extremely dangerous incidents, it is imperative to create set laws and regulations to establish guidelines about where or when it is approbate to be flying a drone whether for professional or recreational purposes in order to ensure safety for all people involved.


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