Environment Commission (EnvCom)

First Issue: 

Combating the increase in greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the deforestation of the Amazon

The gradual inflation in the rates of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere has become apparent for it brings forth several consequences in the means of climate change. The issue of the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is critical and must be addressed in which it absorbs more greenhouse gases than any other tropical forest. The process of deforestation in Brazil has spread over a scale of a fifth of the nation’s tree cover, proving to be a menace to biodiversity and contributing in climate change. The delegations must bind forces in order to prevent the global stake the deforestation of the Amazon places upon the rate of harmful greenhouse gases. By proposing methods and practices that will tackle and put an end to deforestation, which would in turn would allow for more trees to absorb the harmful greenhouse gasses and convert them into oxygen — a safer alternative that keeps climate change at bay.


Second Issue:

The control of the depletion of renewable environmental resources

Measuring the depletion of renewable resources presents a problem all in itself in which putting a number on resources that increase and decrease sporadically proves to be a challenge. By definition, renewable resources are natural resources which can be replenished and restored naturally over a period of time such as wood or solar energy. For uses that are not limited to production, several natural resources such as water, soil, mineral, and energy must be employed in the production process. Wasteful spending and use of such renewable resources usher long term consequences that could require up to centuries to replenish in which renewable resources are time consuming and are formed after a long period of time. The delegates must find methods that are all of sustainable and immediate in order to be able to effectively reduce of the loss of renewable natural resources. Such resources are becoming scarce with time due to high demands placed upon factories by the technological advancements of societies added to the increase in population.


For any inquiries regarding this council, please feel free to contact the chairs at envcom@bayanmun.com