Disarmament International Security Council (DISEC)

First Issue: 

Discussing the importance of Cyber Security towards the safety of government technologies. 

The UNs past action has involved some measures to increase nations’ cyber security, but still has not prevented cyber crime and cyber espionage from continuing to threaten international security. The international community must work together to discuss how to increase cyber security for all nations while not breaking any conventional treaties set by geneva and the various UN meetings this may include in having a more of a authoritarian state. The delegates job needs to find the right mix between having liberty and having control over their lives in order to have a secure and safe infrastructure that can avert any potential cybersecurity issues (cryptojacking, ransomware)


Second Issue:

International maritime security (Demilitarization of South China Sea).

The UN General Assembly takes note of how it incorporates an extensive variety of dangers. At its tightest origination, sea security includes insurance from guide dangers to the regional respectability of a State, for example, an equipped assault from a military vessel. A new issue that stemmed from this topic is the demilitarization of the south china sea.


For any inquiries regarding this council, please feel free to contact the chairs at disec@bayanmun.com