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“BayMUN” as most of our diligent participants name it, is the display of excellence that has propelled Bahrain Bayan School to become the first conference in the country to be accredited by The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN), and therefore recognized internationally as abiding to the global rules and regulations of MUN conferences. We are also only the 6th country in the region to have received such an honor.

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Since it’s inception in 2008, Bayan Model United Nations has shown a rapid growth to become one of the largest MUNs in Bahrain. And ever since the conference has worked to unite international and local students in a productive environment catered to solving issues of global significance.

Did it ever cross your mind, even for a moment, why things are the way they are? Time has a majestic way of showing us how things came to be. It also has an exceptional ability to teach humanity unforgettable lessons to benefit from. Since the dawn of time, humanity seems to be caught in a loop of repetitive behaviors that result in repetitive outcomes. By taking a glimpse of the past, one can easily evaluate humanity’s impairments that were spawned as a result of its tendencies and identify ways of overcoming them. A considerable amount of issues that humanity is facing today, has been faced and will be faced many years from now if measures are not taken immediately. Therefore, through this wrinkle that we are creating in time, BayMun Xii’s aims to propel you into a time warp that enables you to look through various lenses in order to address issues of significance to humanity throughout time, where the past transcends the present.